10 ways the coronavirus will change the way we work forever

There is no doubt that the pandemic caused by COVID-19 is going to change the world as we know it. Among all the things that are going to change, work is undoubtedly one of the sectors that is likely to introduce the most changes.

Many companies were forced to turn the digital world around due to the virus and a large part of them simply were not prepared, nor did they have all the tools to facilitate home office and so that it does not impact the integration and synergy of their work teams.

Below we list the things that the pandemic brought and that are here to stay:

  1. Home Office: it will be a high trend without a doubt
  2. Fewer meetings, more emails: with the restrictions of social distancing, meetings will increasingly be held in smaller groups.
  3. Digital tools on the rise: Companies will have to double their IT budgets to promote the use of platforms that facilitate teleworking and integration.
  4. Goodbye to the hours from 8am to 5pm: decentralization and teleworking will change rigid schedules, which is why having transfer registration tools and presence / absence detection like Trabali will be essential for companies.
  5. Work travel: Air mobility will be reduced and companies will seek to save costs by traveling as little as possible.
  6. Medical examinations: controls and temperature checks prior to entering work offices can become part of the “new normal”
  7. More co-working spaces: The trend will lead companies to decentralize and reduce their office spaces
  8. Mask as an essential item: The use of a mask could become mandatory, especially in companies where social distancing cannot be ensured.
  9. Payment of office equipment: Many companies have had to supply their workers with office supplies, furniture and stationery to adapt their new telework spaces.
  10. Automation is gaining momentum: a second industrial revolution is on the horizon and the use of robots for series production processes will accelerate.

In conclusion, these will be just some of the changes to come but the outlook points to a re-digitization of companies, growth of teleworking and the use of tools such as Trabali that help manage and automate processes within the company, as well as favor new teleworking modalities.

From Trabali we accompany you to take the step into the digital world and automate all human resource management in your company.

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