Types of contracts, all you need to know this 2021

An employment contract is an agreement between an employee and its employer in which the latter offers his/her services in exchange for a retribution. It can be written or oral, except in situations where the latter is mandatory. It should include the following:

  • Position
  • Type of job (ir: permanent, temporary, by contract)
  • Trial period
  • Collective agreement

The most frequent types of contracts in Spain are:

  1. Indefinite contract:
    1. Contract code: 100 (full time) and 200 (part time)
    2. Its formalization can be oral or written
    3. In case of part time it should specify the working and complementary hours
  2. Service contract:
    1. Contract code: 401 (full time) and 501 (part time)
    2. It must be written
    3. Its duration is related to the time of the cause for which the employee was hired
  3. Production circumstances contract:
    1. Contract code: 402 (full time) / 502 (part time)
    2. It must be written
    3. It has to specify the termination date
    4. The hiring cause must be precise and justified
  4. Substitution contract:
    1. Contract code: 410 (full time) / 510 (part time)
    2. It must be written
    3. It doesn’t have to specify the termination date
    4. The hiring will end once the substituted employee returns to work
  5. Temporary to indefinite transformation:
    1. Contract code: 189 (full time) / 289 (part time)
    2. The employer can receive social security bonuses
    3. It must be written

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