Five things Trabali can help you with Work Time Logging

Since May 2019, it is mandatory to register and keep track of your workers’ worktime, be it part-time or full-time jobs, and not complying with the law can carry fines up to € 6.250.

In this post we’ll show you five benefits of using Trabali for work time registration:

  1. You can create and organize your company with as many schedules as you need, you can even setup per employee schedules:

2. You can punch-in with a simple click, you just need a device with internet connection

3. We show you a real time widget for checking out who’s working at the moment and who’s not, so you can have a better, more informed communication flow

4. We’ll securely store all the work time logging information in the cloud for 4 years, as well as all time-offs requests, documents and any action performed on Trabali, for you to access them anytime and anywhere

5. Last, but not least, we show you a Punctuality Ranking widget, to reward your staff and incentivize everybody into punching-in and keep track of all working hours

Start using Trabali now, we offer a one-month free trial for you to get to know our awesome tool and fall in love with it.

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