The role of the Human Resources Manager in the use of tools such as Trabali

Some HR managers show a certain resistance when hiring services from companies like Trabali, and the reasons seem to be almost always the same, or at least very similar.

  • Resistance to giving up control
  • Disbelief in tracking records
  • Feeling of redundancy between your work and the software

However, nothing is further from the truth, a tool like Trabali is simply a “tool” ready to make life easier for everyone in the company; to employees, to their supervisors but above all to the Human Resources manager, since it will allow them to have control and visibility with all the company’s resources in an efficient, automated and digital way.

The different Trabali modules will help you empower your employees and will give you total visibility when interacting with your employees, for a sample we list the different modules

  • Control entry / exit of your employees
  • Manage work shifts
  • Management and control of vacations, cancellations and permits
  • Automated reports by employee and by department
  • Notification wall for publication of internal communications
  • Management and storage of employee files and documents

Do not hesitate and try Trabali free for 30 days and adapt your company to changes.

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