These are the advantages of working in the cloud

“Cloud computing” is a term used to describe a worldwide network of servers, each with a unique function, connected to each other in order to form and work as one unique ecosystem.

This means that, by working “in the cloud”, we can access all our data and applications anywhere, from any device, as long as it has an internet connection.

Working “in the cloud” brings along many advantages, such as:

  • Accessing services that run 24/7 all around the world, reducing downtimes, being able to make security backups and offering bigger storages.
  • By using applications “in the cloud” it’s usually not necessary to spend big amounts of money on initial software investments, which can be a huge difference specially for start-ups.
  • Easy access and data transmission.
  • Storing your data “in the cloud” actually offers a huge advance in terms of data security.

Among the most used business models of cloud services we find the SaaS (Software as a Service), in which companies offer online access to their applications to many users/clients at the same time. This is the business model under which Trabali works.

We offer a workspace as a SaaS, in which workers can register their work timesheet, make requests for vacations or permits, manage all kinds of personal and company-wide documents (ID, medical records, manuals, etc), meanwhile keeping up with their company’s news and announcements, with who’s in and who’s out of the office in real time (in case they need to reach out to them).

At Trabali we’ve created a secure workspace, in which each company member can be certain that all data and interactions that occur within our software are stored securely and can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere.

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