Is a 4-day working week possible?

Recently in the news it has been possible to see how different companies, political actors and organizations have been flirting with the idea of ​​promoting a workday of 4 days a week. It is certainly an exciting topic, and there is no simple answer.

The 5-day working day was born at a time when “going to work at the factory” was the most common and work was organized around this production model. We have been working under this paradigm for many years and it is possible that with the introduction of technology, working 5 days a week is no longer necessary.

For example, Microsoft in Japan tried to implement 4 days a week and saw a 40% increase in productivity. Let’s see some reasons or benefits it could bring.

  • Happier employees
  • Better reconciliation
  • Stress reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Talent recruitment and retention

COVID-19 and investment in new technologies has accelerated the change in the way we work and many experts believe that the five-day week is no longer necessary.

Only with the adoption of tools such as Trabali, companies will be able to migrate to telework without losing track of their employees as well as control whatever the day assigned to each employee, thanks to the modules it has.

  • Keep track of your employees’ entry / exit
  • Manage work shifts
  • Management and control of vacations, cancellations and permits
  • Automated reports by employee and by department
  • Notification wall for publication of internal communications
  • Management and storage of employee files and documents

Do not hesitate and try Trabali free for 30 days and adapt your company to changes.

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