How to change the perception of your Human Resources department?

Associating concepts such as agility, versatility and innovation with the Human Resources department of the company is not usually very simple, this department in a certain way continues to be the target of many jokes within companies mainly because it is perceived as traditional and a bit obsolete.

But how do we change this perception?

The HR department has to be a facilitator of organizational agility, it has to implement and promote initiatives that help streamline and simplify work. This can be achieved through:

  • Flexible policies
  • Agile processes
  • Agile and easy performance reviews
  • Career paths and plans
  • Inclusion of digital and modern tools

It is at the last point where Trabali can help you change the way in which your HR department is perceived by your employees. Trabali offers you:

  • Keep track of your employees’ entry / exit
  • Manage work shifts
  • Management and control of vacations, cancellations and permits
  • Automated reports by employee and by department
  • Notification wall for publication of internal communications
  • Management and storage of employee files and documents

Do not hesitate and try Trabali free for 30 days and adapt your company to changes.

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