Remuneration records finally arrive at companies

The salary register is a document in which all salary information of a company is  written down, showing all male and female workers salary ranges. Such register is regulated by the Royal Decree Law 902/2020 of October 13th, regarding the equal payment for both genders.

The Decree’s goal is to “establish specific measures to effectively set the rights of equal payment, equal treatment and non-discrimination between both men and women regarding salaries”.

What should be in the salary register?

It should include all yearly salaries, complements, extra hours and complementary hours payments information by gender. It should also be distributed by professional groups (according to the collective agreement), professional categories (according to the quotation group) or by equal or lesser ranks.

It should also contain the arithmetic average and the mean of what is truly perceived by each one of the aforementioned concepts, segmented into professional group, category, rank, position or any other classification system applicable.

It is important to check with the workers’ legal representation 10 days before creating the salary register and before any modification to it, and, should any anomaly arise, the company should attach to the register the set of rectifying measures they will take.

If the company has more than 50 workers and there’s at least a 25% difference between male and female salaries, there should be an explicit justification stating that such difference doesn’t stem from the difference of genders.

All workers have the right to know the contents of the salary register, being able to gain access to them thru their legal representatives. The information given to them will be limited to the percentage differences between male and female retributions, broken down by nature of retribution and classification.

All companies that do not comply, could be sanctioned according to the LISOS infractions regime, which takes into account the severity of the neglect, and could be anywhere between € 6.251 and € 187.515.

From Trabali, we always want to make sure everything work related is easier and smoother for you, that’s why we’ll leave you with the Equality Ministry’s guide in the following link and the model for the register:

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