Steve Jobs’ trick to be more productive revealed

Known worldwide as the creator of Apple, the Steve Jobs story has been the subject of several movies and books. Now, today from Trabali we want to tell you one of his best kept secrets, his infallible trick to increase productivity.

The technique consists of knowing the moments of the day when we have more energy and are more productive. With this information we can organize our daily schedule in an optimal way and get more work done without having to dedicate more hours. It is important to maintain a balance in our life between work and the things we enjoy or those that bring us health or personal growth.

A practical example that you can start to apply in your day to day is to organize meetings with your team or interdepartmental in the afternoon, where as a general rule we are with less energy as we already have several hours working. With this in mind, you can occupy the mornings in preparing your schedule of activities, developing your projects, calling clients or sending important emails.

The different modules of Trabali will help you to be more productive and not waste time on tasks that are routine, below you have the different modules of the tool

  • Control entry / exit of your employees
  • Manage work shifts
  • Management and control of vacations, cancellations and permits
  • Automated reports by employee and by department
  • Notification wall for publication of internal communications
  • Management and storage of employee files and documents

Do not hesitate and try Trabali free for 30 days and adapt your company to changes.

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