How to make your company more sustainable?

In order for your company to be sustainable, we first must define sustainability: “it’s the equilibrium between a species and its environment”. If we apply such nature concept to businesses we found that a sustainable company’s goal would be to create economic, ecological and social value.

This value is created through actions that have a positive effect on the environment, increasing the short and long term wellbeing. Among those actions we can mention:

  1. Controlled energy consumption: turn off all electronic devices, have adequate temperature levels of the air conditioning/heating systems, turn off the lights, etc.
  2. Sustainable commuting: promote the bicycle or on-foot as a means of going to and from work to reduce contamination.
  3. Recycle: establish three “Three Rs” as a company policy: reduce, reuse, recycle.
  4. Collaborate on social actions: via the Corporate Responsibility plan or directly collaborating with 3rd parties you can generate activities of social and environmental benefits.
  5. Reduce paper waste: avoid printing, invest and promote the usage of digital tools and software.

In order to comply with this last action we introduce Trabali, a Saas (Software as a Service) tool for managing human resources, with it you can have all your employees information, punch-in and manage worked time, request and approve vacations and off-time, digital storing of all documentation needed for the hiring/firing of personnel. All this information will be available on the cloud, whenever and wherever you are.

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