Find out what type of employees you are and which is the profile that usually goes the furthest.

The way we operate at work plays a very important role in our careers, the way we interact with our colleagues, superiors and subordinates plays a role in determining how far we will go in our profession.

There are essentially three types of worker according to their reciprocity in the work environment and they are the following:

  • Takers: they see the work environment as an exercise in hypercompetitiveness and they assume that no one will do anything to help them achieve their goals, as a consequence, they put their interests first, sometimes they can choose to help their colleagues when later they see that it can redound to their own benefit.
  • Equalizers: they operate under the mantra of “giving and giving” when they help someone they expect equal retribution for their favor, when they receive a favor, they return it in the same proportion.
  • Helpers: they put more focus on others than on themselves, they pay attention to what others need, their way of relating is more similar to how we can relate to friends or family.

In general, the last profile values ​​the long-term objectives more and has no reservations when it comes to giving an extra for the company, this later translates into more notoriety and perception of commitment, which are always ingredients that the company values ​​positively for the company. time to evaluate promotions and promotions.

Soon from Trabali you will be able to count on a self-evaluation module so that you can give feedback in a structured way to your work team and comment on how their performance in the position has been

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