5 Tips To Recover From Embarrassing Moments during a videoconference.

It is clear that one of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic was the massive migration of many employees from their offices to working from home, this change, has led to a host of embarrassing situations for workers. We have all seen funny videos of babies sneaking into interviews or work meetings, or the couple or roommate who walks behind the video and distracts the attention of the meeting.

For this reason, we bring 5 tips to recover from those embarrassing moments or avoid them and thus save a little dignity.

  1. Prepare the environment.

A little preparation before that important interview or meeting can be the difference between chaos and success. Take care of the details such as: lighting, sound, order of the area where you hold the meeting, notify the people who live with you that you will be occupying the space. Good preparation can decrease the chances of having a bad time considerably.

  1. Establish codes of conduct

There are accepted conventions during the celebration of a meeting, such as: Do not use the mobile, be punctual or respect if someone else has the floor. That is why making these rules clear in convening the meeting can save you and your colleagues a hard time. Simple things like: remembering punctuality, asking to have the microphones muted and requesting the right to speak before speaking. They can make your meeting a more productive space.

  1. The art of continuing as if nothing had happened.

There may be opportunities where it is easier to let go, rather than deal with problems, for example, when there are micro-breaks in communication or some sudden, non-repetitive noise. It is easier to let the meeting flow than to pause it to try to solve a problem that is very likely to have been sudden and not recurring.

  1. How to apologize for a technical problem.

Here the important thing is to be aware of the time and the moment, as a general rule it is better to wait for it to be our turn to speak to offer our apologies if we have disturbed or interrupted the moderator on duty, however, if technical problems make us go late to the meeting, it is best to start with an apology once we can join this one.

  1.  In case any comment of ours may be uncomfortable to another participant

It is time to apply discretion if we miss a comment that may hurt the sensitivity of a co-worker, it is always better to wait until the meeting ends if we want to offer an apology and thus save the public scorn. However, the golden rule to avoid these situations is to avoid making comments that can be taken in a bad way by our coworkers.

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