Remuneration records finally arrive at companies

The salary register is a document in which all salary information of a company is  written down, showing all male and female workers salary ranges. Such register is regulated by the Royal Decree Law 902/2020 of October 13th, regarding the equal payment for both genders. The Decree’s goal is to Continue Reading

2021 Laboral reforms

Paternity leave: starting 2021, paternity leave will be 16 weeks long (matching the maternity timespan), six of those weeks will be mandatory full-time and will begin immediately after birth. The remainder of weeks can be shared with the spouse, enjoyed at different moments or part-time. Remote work: as first requisite Continue Reading

These are the advantages of working in the cloud

“Cloud computing” is a term used to describe a worldwide network of servers, each with a unique function, connected to each other in order to form and work as one unique ecosystem. This means that, by working “in the cloud”, we can access all our data and applications anywhere, from Continue Reading

Five things Trabali can help you with Work Time Logging

Since May 2019, it is mandatory to register and keep track of your workers’ worktime, be it part-time or full-time jobs, and not complying with the law can carry fines up to € 6.250. In this post we’ll show you five benefits of using Trabali for work time registration: You Continue Reading

Sharing documents with your employees is now easier

If you’ve ever thrown in the towel trying to find an email among thousands of messages in your inbox, or have asked a colleague to resend something they’ve already sent you, then we’ve got great news for you. Trabali launches file delivery module, with which the company and you can Continue Reading

Teamwork makes the dream work

When working as a team, aptitudes, skills and talents are joined together to obtain better results in shorter times. The key for a successful team creation is the bond and cohesion that’s created between its members in spite of the differences that may arise along the way. That’s why the Continue Reading

How it should be a performance appraisal?

The performance appraisal is a measure of individual tasks accomplished with the goal of knowing and identifying the types of deficiencies and problems of the evaluated personnel, their strengths, possibilities, capacities and competencies. For it to obtain trustworthy results It should be a frequent, systematic and anonymous process. In these Continue Reading

Trabali joins the French Chamber of Commerce

From Trabali we are very happy to announce the adhesion to the French Chamber of Commerce in Spain, the talks began in the last quarter of 2020 and we have started this 2021 already integrated into the activities of the chamber. We thank the Chamber of Commerce for allowing us Continue Reading