Christmas time, vacation time!

The month of December arrives and with it, the holidays for several countries of Western culture mainly. Managing employee vacations is always a sensitive issue that debates between: Organizing teams to provide at least minimal service to customers and giving employees freedom to organize their vacations at their convenience.  Especially Continue Reading

Can the company force me to get vaccinated against COVID-19?

We have all been expectant since the beginning of the pandemic for the arrival of a vaccine that will help us regain normalcy, put restrictions and confinements in the past and allow us to be sure that we will not be a potential danger to our family and friends. With Continue Reading

Entrepreneurship in times of pandemic, is it the best time to do it?

This week’s article is probably the most autobiographical we have written to date because it is based on the beginning of Trabali. The idea arises from something as simple as watching the news, a story announces that: Companies will be exposed to significant fines, if they do not keep an Continue Reading

Why is it important to have good communication with your employees?

In order for a company to operate efficiently and successfully, all its values, policies, regulations have to be communicated correctly to all members within the organization, but also these values ​​and policies have to be transmitted outside the organization. There are mainly 4 types of communication in the company: Internal Continue Reading

Tips for staying focused on work when you’re overwhelmed

Without a doubt this year 2020 has been more difficult to digest than any of the recent years, between pandemics, wars, economic crises and elections in several countries, it is normal that we can feel overwhelmed. Many employees can be on the verge of feeling “burned out” by so much Continue Reading

5 Human Resources advices for your company

From Trabali we want to give you 5 tips so that you can keep your Human Resources policies on a par with what people expect today and to help you create a collaborative environment, with a good work environment and focused on objectives. Find the best talent… and retain it! Continue Reading

Can the toxic environment of work be brought to Home-Office?

In 2020, the migration of workers from the office to the home has been massive, however, the question arises whether we have brought the work environment to the home in the same way. The work culture does not remain within the 4 walls of the office, but comes with us Continue Reading

Why do employees leave the company after 5 years?

Statistically today, company employees tend to stay in them for between 4 and 5 years. The labor market changes more quickly and new trends in people’s behavior have been shortening the terms that a person remains in a company. Surely we have all had a grandfather or a father who Continue Reading

Long-term home-office? How can you help your workers adapt to it?

Without a doubt the employee-employer dynamic has changed forever, exhaustive control and supervision has been replaced by online monitoring and teleworking. Also, the presence of employees in the offices will no longer be as in the past. As a result of COVID-19, many employees were invited to work from home Continue Reading

Have we advanced in the presence control?

Since the industrial revolution era, several control and registration mechanisms have been invented to keep track of employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs. The first of them was the time-mark clock, invented on the second half of the XIX century, it looked like this: They worked by stamping the time on the Continue Reading