Find out what type of employees you are and which is the profile that usually goes the furthest.

The way we operate at work plays a very important role in our careers, the way we interact with our colleagues, superiors and subordinates plays a role in determining how far we will go in our profession. There are essentially three types of worker according to their reciprocity in the Continue Reading

How to make your company more sustainable?

In order for your company to be sustainable, we first must define sustainability: “it’s the equilibrium between a species and its environment”. If we apply such nature concept to businesses we found that a sustainable company’s goal would be to create economic, ecological and social value. This value is created Continue Reading

Steve Jobs’ trick to be more productive revealed

Known worldwide as the creator of Apple, the Steve Jobs story has been the subject of several movies and books. Now, today from Trabali we want to tell you one of his best kept secrets, his infallible trick to increase productivity. The technique consists of knowing the moments of the Continue Reading

How to change the perception of your Human Resources department?

Associating concepts such as agility, versatility and innovation with the Human Resources department of the company is not usually very simple, this department in a certain way continues to be the target of many jokes within companies mainly because it is perceived as traditional and a bit obsolete. But how Continue Reading

The role of the Human Resources Manager in the use of tools such as Trabali

Some HR managers show a certain resistance when hiring services from companies like Trabali, and the reasons seem to be almost always the same, or at least very similar. Resistance to giving up control Disbelief in tracking records Feeling of redundancy between your work and the software However, nothing is Continue Reading

If you still doubt the Home-Office, you should read this article.

The species that have the most opportunities to survive changes in the environment are not the strongest, tallest or most powerful… if that were the case, we would still be among dinosaurs. The species that have the best chance of surviving changes are those that adapt faster and more efficiently Continue Reading