Back to “New Normal”

The spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, announced a few days ago, 4 phases for the return to the “New Normal” and this week we started with #Phase0 in all the provinces of Spain, except in four Canary and Balearic islands that will go directly to #Phase1. Starting this week we can exercise outdoors, go to the hairdresser (by appointment) and even buy take away food.

Parallel to this, the economy has been reactivating little by little. Some companies have already been executing rapid tests on their workers to be able to incorporate them back to work with all the preventive measures for health and possible occupational risks, as we have seen in the automotive, banking and textile sectors. Returning to the routine and our daily habits has never been so desired, and although we have found new ways of being “together” at a distance, it’s always very important to have someone to share, debate and to talk with.

Shortly, offices, companies, factories, shopping centers, hotels, recreation and sports centers will be open again with supercharged batteries to activate their businesses as soon as possible, that’s why we asked ourselves

  • Do small companies or businesses have a reopening plan?
  • Will they have the resources to help them organize everyone’s time efficiently?
  • Have they found an inexpensive tool to keep track of their employees working time remotely?

For Trabali the most important thing is time, that’s why we can offer a tool in which you and your collaborators manage and optimize it in the simplest possible way, they can make requests for presences and absences, as well as record their effective workday from any device with internet and thus be able to comply with the day registration published in Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, of March 8th. You’ll know which of your collaborators are active, on vacation, leave or doing some training, so your teams can organize themselves better and be more productive.

You’ll meet Trabali very soon! And it does not matter if you have many or few collaborators, everybody is important to us. Trabali adapts to the needs of your business. So if you think that only the biggest companies have access to awesome management systems. From Trabali we tell you: for us small companies are also big. 

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