Can the company force me to get vaccinated against COVID-19?

We have all been expectant since the beginning of the pandemic for the arrival of a vaccine that will help us regain normalcy, put restrictions and confinements in the past and allow us to be sure that we will not be a potential danger to our family and friends.

With the latest news of the results of the medical tests of the vaccines (be it Pfizer, Moderna or another) comes the question of, when do they start distributing the vaccines ?, and even more important is: Should I get vaccinated?

The normal process of manufacturing a vaccine normally takes between 3-5 years, with the coronavirus, terms have been shortened in an important way, this cut in terms has caused some people to have doubts about the safety of this. We may get to the point of having to force people to take the vaccine. But can they force me to get the vaccine?

As surprising as it may sound, the answer is yes. There are already antecedents in the past where governments have forced people to get vaccinated, for example: provisions approved in the last century in Spain for diphtheria and smallpox, including the possibility of declaring the vaccine mandatory, facilitate the legal path for where appropriate, vaccination may be required.

The employer could not force it firmly, but the government could indicate through decrees that certain sectors require mandatory vaccination, for example: public service employees, doctors, people who operate public transport, etc.

In conclusion, we will have to wait to see how the issue of vaccination evolves but let’s not lose sight of this information that could touch us directly.

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