Christmas time, vacation time!

The month of December arrives and with it, the holidays for several countries of Western culture mainly. Managing employee vacations is always a sensitive issue that debates between: Organizing teams to provide at least minimal service to customers and giving employees freedom to organize their vacations at their convenience. 

Especially in small teams (<10 people) it is difficult to manage the former, for example, December is a month where everyone / almost everyone wants to take days off and in contrast, in many sectors it is the month where there is more work to be done.

But, how to manage vacations effectively? We will list the keys one by one.

  1. Separate employees by work areas
  2. Have prior visibility of your requests and avoid overlaps.
  3. Communicate and confirm if someone has to plan again or move the requested days
  4. Negotiate with those who are involved
  5. Communicate and keep record of approvals.
  6. Finally, update the employee’s day balance.

Doing this with Trabali vacation module is super simple and simple, we explain why:

  1. All your employees are grouped by work center
  2. All your employees are organized by department
  3. Your employees will send a request that will be displayed in yellow on a virtual calendar, here you can check if there are overlaps.
  4. Once the holidays are approved, the yellow color will turn green, communicating that they have been approved, in addition to sending an email informing it.
  5. The balance of pending days is updated automatically and transparently for everyone.

From Trabali, we want to wish all our followers a merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2021. We will return after the arrival of the wise men with recharged batteries and many new things for our management tool.