Entrepreneurship in times of pandemic, is it the best time to do it?

This week’s article is probably the most autobiographical we have written to date because it is based on the beginning of Trabali. The idea arises from something as simple as watching the news, a story announces that: Companies will be exposed to significant fines, if they do not keep an exhaustive record of the schedules of their workers.

This small piece of news, triggers a series of possibilities and scenarios in the minds of the future partners, who start to think about the idea and decide to start a small project to help solve that problem. After brainstorming, they decide to use a business model that is self-sustaining and does not require a lot of investment (spoiler alert: it is a key point when there is no capital).

They decide to develop a Saas (software as a service) and this is where the matter gets interesting, one of the partners is a programmer and starts to design the tool, the other two partners share everything else. One of the best things of the 21st century is the amount of free tools that exist to undertake, you can literally undertake projects with quite modest investments (in some cases with less than € 100). One of Trabali‘s mantras is, if there is a tool that interests us and that is free, we try it. Currently we use, from repositories for information, tools for monitoring user behavior on the web, tool for project management, video editing, in addition to the powerful tools of google.

Certainly the scenario of undertaking a project, when thousands of companies are going through moments of great stress, may not be the most ideal scenario. But in our case the pandemic also brought us positive things, for example: The adoption of homeoffice, the virtualization of many processes in companies, the migration from conventional to virtual tools. All these changes fit perfectly with the philosophy and objective of Trabalii.

Today our tool is not only limited to controlling and keeping the entry / exit record of employees, but has evolved into a platform that controls vacations, business announcements, documents and payroll, schedules and work centers and generates particular reports for each employee. All this achieved in less than a year and with a very modest investment.

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