European justice and registration of working hours.

The European Supreme Court issued a ruling in mid-2019 that obliges all companies that carry out their activities within the European Union borders, to have a system that register hours worked by each of their employees. The sentence includes that this control system must be objective, reliable and accessible to all employees.

However, this fact has opened the doors and created opportunities in the market for the development of systems that help companies to comply with this European legislation. Also, returning to the characteristics required by the system, from Trabali we want to share the following reflections.

  • • What system can be more objective, than one based on metrics and records adjusted to legislation?
  • • What system can be more reliable than one designed and managed by a trusted third party?
  • • What system can be more accessible than a cloud-hosted system available from any device with internet access?

At Trabali we offer a system that oversees registering and analyzing the time of human talent. Achieving greater productivity of work teams within organizations and in addition, it is completely accessible from any device with internet access and is developed in full compliance with the law.

As a final reflection, since the days of the industrial revolution, the employee-employer relationship has had many advances, which have allowed the conditions in which work is carried out to be regulated fairly and efficiently. However, much remains to be done to achieve full balance.

Now with Trabali we are a little bit closer to the goal …

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