Flexibility as a company policy

Dealing with traffic and / or public transport to go to the office every day, sitting in front of the computer for eight hours a day or more for five days a week have been the “normal” way in which we know “work”. However, they are moving away from the current strategies used by companies to attract and retain talent.

In addition, the events of 2020 have made those entrepreneurs who were reluctant to implement this work system, they were forced to adapt and many of them have noticed favorable results.

Establishing a flexibility policy is not a luxury that only large companies can afford, and we, at Trabali can help you develop it in your business, small or medium-sized company, since our platform is based on controlling everyone’s time workers, so they can enter our platform from anywhere at any time, with any device that has internet access, everyone can sign in with just one click and in turn, we have a presence widget so that the entire team is informed in real time about those who are active at work and thus have a more effective and direct communication.

In turn, it is necessary for the implementation of Labor Flexibility to establish clear rules, for example: What day do you need to go to the office, hours when you need to be available to contact you, what will be the scope of your work and delivery times.

It is also important to create limits, free time and work should not merge even when both activities are generated in the same place and respecting the worker’s free time is essential. You should avoid leaving emails, messages or making “quick” calls.

And finally, generate team building activities to maintain active communication and social interaction between all members of the company, since when working remotely or at different times, it could be affected and with it our flexibility policy.