Have we advance in presence control?

Since the industrial revolution era, several control and registration mechanisms have been invented to keep track of employees’ clock-ins and clock-outs. The first of them was the time-mark clock, invented on the second half of the XIX century, it looked like this:

They worked by stamping the time on the employees’ cards twice a day, and every month, the stamping would go down one line to avoid overwriting the stamps from the month before.

Another way of keeping track of the working time is by handwriting methods (used even today) where every day, employees write on a sheet the time they got to work and the time they left, usually, this sheets are stored in a binder to avoid damage or losses.

Thanks to technology, handwritten time-control sheets are now spreadsheets that can be stored on a computer or even on the cloud.

Meanwhile, a lot of systems have been created to be able to handle this process in a more automatic way that also allows the employees’ and supervisors to get truthful information and data about the time spent working. Some of this are biometric access control systems, card readers, iris scanners, facial recognition, and even some systems that combine two or more of these together.

As the systems get more sophisticated, their price gets higher, making it almost impossible for freelancers and small/medium businesses to buy, install and use them. That’s why Trabali is born, taking into account the fact that more and more countries are writing laws that oblige businesses to register and keep up to 4 years of records on their employees’ working time, we decided to create a low cost, easy to use system, so no one has to deal ever again with the cumbersome handwritten sheets or spreadsheets.

With Trabali, you can create your company and register all your workers or they can do it themselves (it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 employees), and after they log into the system, they’ll be able to clock-in and out with just clicking one button, automatically the system will track the amount of time worked that day. It is also a perfect solution for working from home as it tells everybody who is working right now and who’s not, helping this way to accomplish a more effective communication within the team.

Trabali also outputs monthly reports to make the payroll process much easier, the best part of all is that everybody on the team can keep track and see the data so each time related operation is crystal clear.

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