How can we measure the mood of our employees?

2020 has been loaded with overwhelming events for everyone, bringing with it a load of stress, anxiety and uncertainty that we were not used to. Families around the world have lost their jobs, some have become ill and many others have spent months confined, without being able to get out of the daily chaos, without being able to go have a drink with colleagues or make meetings with their loved ones.

Those who have been able to keep their jobs are not exempt from suffering from the emotions that we discussed above, since in the world economic panorama due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a new financial crisis arises, which could be as strong or worse than 2008.

For this reason, we want to help you improve and / or strengthen happiness in your collaborators within the company and, as we have mentioned in other posts, to improve if necessary, so the first thing we want to recommend is to carry out quick online surveys ( by mail or whatsapp) with a couple of simple selection questions and an open one so that they can comment on the reason that their day was good or bad.

In addition, it is important for the happiness at work and the productivity of your company to keep your teams informed of all the progress and plans in the short and medium term, so that everyone works aligned and has clear objectives, yes, it is important not to fail excessive meetings since you will find the opposite result to the one sought.

Also, you can use the technique of “the ball and the bucket” where your collaborators at the end of the day will put a ball of a specific color to their mood inside a bucket and thus obtain daily results.

In turn, it is important that both you and all your team leaders are always receptive to communications, concerns and even complaints or dislikes from collaborators, since as human beings, full of emotions, feelings and responsibilities, sometimes these do not prevent be motivated or delighted with our work and even with our life.

And last but not least, carry out actions that seek to promote recognition of work and make positive reinforcements such as the “punctuality ranking” or employee of the month toll in Trabali

What questions can I ask to measure the happiness of my workers?

– Here we leave you some options:

How did you feel when you got to work?

How do you feel in this moment?

How do you feel now that your day ends?

Did you enjoy your work today?

You feel happy?

Do you feel like you had a productive day?

Remember that guaranteeing anonymity is essential to obtain reliable and accurate data.