How it should be a performance appraisal?

The performance appraisal is a measure of individual tasks accomplished with the goal of knowing and identifying the types of deficiencies and problems of the evaluated personnel, their strengths, possibilities, capacities and competencies.

For it to obtain trustworthy results It should be a frequent, systematic and anonymous process.

In these evaluations  there are usually three fundamental dimensions to measure in each employee:

  • What’s the person like?
  • What does he/she do?
  • How does he/she accomplish his/her tasks?

From those results, a personalized plan can be designed and implemented, depending upon the company needs, for the appraisal is not only applied to get information on the employee but also to solve conflicts, improve overall productivity or for training purposes.

Performance appraisal methodologies

  1. 90º: if an employee is only evaluated by the immediate superior
  2. 180º: if the evaluation is performed also by his/her peers
  3. 270º: if the evaluation is performed also by his/her subordinates
  4. 360º: if, besides all the mentioned above, the evaluation is also performed by his/her internal and external clients.

Whichever methodology applied, a mood must be created around collaboration and positive criticism, so the employee is aware at all moments that the process is implemented in order to improve his work life and performance. These evaluations should not be seen as a tool for negative or destructive criticism towards the employee.

To accomplish these positiveness around Performance Appraisals is not an easy task by any means, but a correct, open and inclusive planning of the process is the key for success.