Human resources digital transformation

“Digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements” – Salesforce

In the case of HHRR departments, “digital transformation” seeks not only to improve internal processes such as payroll and recruiting, but also to improve the processes that involve employees’ effort such as time clocking.

Some SMBs consider that it is both cheaper and faster to have their workers fill out a form by hand – at least twice a day – specifying the clock-in and clock-out times on a piece of paper that will later get categorized and filed in a cabinet for months or years.

At the end of the month, HHRR has to go through all those forms, by day, by employee, and somehow calculate the payroll based on a pile of papers containing the working hours of each employee. Hoping and praying that no form got misplaced or damaged during that time.

And what if, out of the blue, a work inspector arrives at the office and asks for every employee time-worked files? Would we easily have that at hand in a presentable manner? – Probably not. We would have to drop everything we were supposed to be doing and concentrate all our efforts in processing the tons of paper.

Another example of a tedious pen-and-paper HHRR process is the permits and requests, whether is vacactions, absence leaves, education, etc. An employee wishes to enjoy some vacations, notifies the wish to its supervisor, he tells him to go get a “vacations” form from HHRR and fill it out, he comes back, it gets returned for a mistake while filling the form, does it again, the supervisor signs it, sends it to HHRR they retu-… well, you get the point, is a pain!

This happens because companies think it is a waste of resources to automate/digitize the “simple” processes. Go figure.

The amount of time and sheer effort necessary to execute these tasks becomes cumbersome and have a real and direct impact on the department’s productivity and overall company finances. This is basically the reason behind Trabali’s creation, we offer you a HHRR software that automatizes the simple processes of clocking-in/out from any device, requesting and approving permits, managing employees schedules, and much more. We also offer a reports and stats section that allow you to have all the data in real time at the click of a button.
We invite you into the XXI century, make the most out of your time and try Trabali for free for 30 days!