If you still doubt the Home-Office, you should read this article.

The species that have the most opportunities to survive changes in the environment are not the strongest, tallest or most powerful… if that were the case, we would still be among dinosaurs. The species that have the best chance of surviving changes are those that adapt faster and more efficiently to them.

The same thing happens with companies, there are industry giants that today have completely disappeared due to the inability to adapt to new business trends, needs and challenges. A clear example is Blockbuster, the video rental giant today is nothing more than a memory of not wanting to adapt to a new way of consuming content and losing competitiveness against Netflix, who is today the lord and master of the segment. This is one of the most notorious cases but the truth is there are examples in all sectors.

One of the most important changes that 2020 left us. It was the massive migration of employees to work from home and companies that have adopted this change more easily today have happier, safer and more competent employees in the market. Whoever doubts Home-Office for his company is condemned to compete in inferior conditions in the labor market in search of talent.

Only with the adoption of tools like Trabali will companies be able to migrate to Home-Office without losing track of their employees, thanks to the modules it has.

  • Keep track of your employees’ entry / exit
  • Manage work shifts
  • Management and control of vacations, cancellations and permits
  • Automated reports by employee and by department
  • Notification wall for posting internal communications
  • Management and storage of employee files and documents

Do not hesitate and try Trabali  free for 30 days and adapt your company to changes.