Investing in emotional salary

In recent years, the business paradigm that “the most important asset of companies are their customers” has changed, the latter have been displaced by the people who make up the company, that is, the workers. Companies and organizations are now in constant search of elements of demand for their workers, and it is that the work market has become so competitive, caused in large part to technology and globalization, that it is essential to be at the forefront of job benefits available to recruit the best talent.

Therefore, it is important that your company, in addition to having competitive salaries also invests in emotional salaries, which, as its name implies, is a non-economic remuneration that is directly related to satisfying the personal needs of employees and improving their quality of life and that of his family.

For examples, you could take into consideration to activate and / or improve the benefits that your company offers, we have:

Promote Home Office: Due to the coronavirus, many companies that were reluctant to adopt home office were forced to adopt it. We assure you that even when this crisis is over, working from home will be one of the most interesting recruitment strategies.

Time flexibility: allows workers to carry out their work activities within the legally established number of hours but without rigid and monotonous hours, since not all of us are equally productive at the same hours. You will get higher productivity without any additional cost.

Recognition and Promotion: it is important that your workers know that their effort and dedication is notorious and rewarded, giving more responsibility or giving more autonomy are ways to encourage and reward work well done, other times a simple “you are doing your job very well” it is a priceless dose of motivation.

Developing team building: keeping teams updated and motivated is key to having a harmonious organizational climate, do group activities, report and celebrate the achievements of the different teams. You can also rely on informal meetings, such as paid breakfasts by the company.

Employee discounts: a simple strategy for recruiting or retaining personnel is to give your workers the opportunity to obtain the products or services you offer at a lower price.

There are other ways to adopt the emotional salary than the ones we just mentioned, however, the important thing is that your workers feel that they are important and that their work is valued, in this way you will be able to minimize turnover, reduce expenses and time for recruitment , selection and induction of personnel and you will be able to have satisfied workers who will be much more productive, which entails a greater benefit for your company.

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