Investing in technology for human resources

There is a chemical term called Catalyst that is nothing but a substance that is present in a chemical reaction and accelerates or induces said reaction without acting on it. Now, the same has happened with the appearance of the Covid-19, which has served as a catalyst for companies to make an almost forced leap forward to the digitization of their organization and processes in order to continue operations.

The arrival of the virus has shown companies that their ability to adapt to a decentralized and remote work environment was far superior to what they believed. What would normally have taken months to complete, many companies have done in days.

Today, companies have tools to: share information in the cloud, make conferences, securely access servers, instant messaging among their workers and much more. And Human Resources are no exception and therefore tools like Trabali have more and more usability within organizations every day with functionalities like:

  • Time attendance control
  • Shift management
  • Solicitation management
  • Automated statistics and reporting
  • Internal communications management

These are the ones that will allow us to manage human resources and take control of the most important asset of the organization in an orderly, accessible and safe way.

Trabali offers a platform to enhance the decentralization of your company’s resources without losing proximity and control. In addition, saving time and money by managing all recurring and routine tasks, this will make a total change in your organization.