Let’s talk about Employer Branding

The term “Employer Branding” is a joint strategy between a company’s marketing and human resources departments, to build a positive user experience among their workers and gain a better position at the labour market so they can ultimately attract better talents.

Thanks to their awesome employer branding, all of us would be happy to work at Google, right?

How can the SMBs work on their employer branding?

  • Take into account your workforce, they are your most important asset and you should give them fair salaries and benefits, this will help you with your talent retention.
  • Truth shall set you free. Don’t pitch your company as something it is not at the present moment, be straightforward and transparent with the candidates and let them know about the pros and cons of working at your company.
  • Take advantage of the social networks to boost your company and brand, not only to promote your products and to get the sales, but also to communicate your company’s values, mission, events, team-building activities, etc.
  • Your whole company should act as spokesperson for your brand, have them all be involved and promote your company’s culture.
  • Offer your product or service at a lower cost or with fractional payments to your workers and turn them into happy clients too.

This is the top 5 employer branding companies:

  1. Google
  2. Netflix
  3. HubSpot
  4. Typeform
  5. Mailchimp