Long-term home-office? How can you help your workers adapt to it?

Without a doubt the employee-employer dynamic has changed forever, exhaustive control and supervision has been replaced by online monitoring and teleworking. Also, the presence of employees in the offices will no longer be as in the past.

As a result of COVID-19, many employees were invited to work from home to provide shelter and comply with many of the regulations imposed by the states, this forced experiment showed many companies that productivity was not threatened, therefore, companies have This modality has been extended even when the confinement has ceased by the authorities and we can once again lead a “normal” life

The following are some of the alternatives that companies are offering their employees to facilitate long-term teleworking:

  1. Additional money to condition spaces.

Buy a new chair, enhance the internet connection in areas of the house, additional lighting. These are some of the things that many employees require to have the same level of office comfort, but working from home.

  1. For working parents, extra money for caregivers

Working with young children at home can be a daunting task, which is why many companies have chosen to give bonuses to their employees so that they receive additional support in caring for the children while they work from home

  1. IT tools to take advantage of Home office

Having the entire workforce connected and working in harmony is one of the biggest challenges since teleworking became popular, therefore investment by companies in IT solutions that support this has been very important. Cases like Trabali, are clear evidence of this, with this tool you can have control and facilitate the entry / exit of the day, organize shifts, request vacations and communicate announcements for all your workers.

Telework is just beginning and those companies that organize themselves more efficiently will be the great beneficiaries of the situation.