Want to avoid a 6.000€ fine? Trabali has the answer

With the promulgation of the Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, the obligatory daily record of the working day was established, meaning that the company must include the specific start and end times of the working day of each working person, previously this record only had to be registered for part-time workers. For Continue Reading

5 Tips To Recover From Embarrassing Moments during a videoconference.

It is clear that one of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic was the massive migration of many employees from their offices to working from home, this change, has led to a host of embarrassing situations for workers. We have all seen funny videos of babies sneaking into interviews or Continue Reading

Vacations coming? Take it easy Trabali got it under control

Summer is coming, the perfect season to sunbathe, enjoy the beach or travel around the world, especially for those who have children and are waiting for the school year to end so they can  enjoy a walk with their parents, painting at home, cooking or doing any other activity together. Continue Reading

10 Advantages of hiring a Saas (software as a service) for your company.

Choosing or hiring a tool for your company can be a very delicate decision and there are many factors that can make that decision a nightmare. In the past, installing a new computer system involved many tasks: selecting a tool and provider, buying servers, installing or migrating data, more maintenance Continue Reading

Investing in emotional salary

In recent years, the business paradigm that “the most important asset of companies are their customers” has changed, the latter have been displaced by the people who make up the company, that is, the workers. Companies and organizations are now in constant search of elements of demand for their workers, Continue Reading

European justice and registration of working hours.

The European Supreme Court issued a ruling in mid-2019 that obliges all companies that carry out their activities within the European Union borders, to have a system that register hours worked by each of their employees. The sentence includes that this control system must be objective, reliable and accessible to Continue Reading