Productivity at work

Productivity, simply put, is the ratio between the amount of production and the resources needed to produce them. Also, production can be measured as a function of time: the less the time it takes to execute a task, the bigger the productivity will be.

Work-productivity measures the ratio between the amount of goods produced or workload processed by an employee and the resources he or she used to obtain such output. At Trabali we want to help you increase your company’s productivity by efficiently measuring and managing your workforce time, by allowing them to self check-in/out, ask for vacations and permits, share documents on the cloud, and everything related to these remote-work times.

Some of the benefits of increased productivity are:

  • Goals accomplishment
  • Time saved
  • Better organization
  • Costs reduction

Tips to increase your company’s productivity:

  1. Use Trabali, go to our homepage and register for free.
  2. Have brief and essential meetings to coordinate key tasks and objectives.
  3. Create a good, organized working environment.
  4. Motivate your employees by investing in their emotional salary.