Team work makes the dream work

When working as a team, aptitudes, skills and talents are joined together to obtain better results in shorter times.

The key for a successful team creation is the bond and cohesion that’s created between its members in spite of the differences that may arise along the way. That’s why the creation of clear rules that dictate the behaviour and daily actions of the team is paramount. These rules will also maintain a mood in which every participant feels free to participate, communicate and be proactive about his/her ideas and opinions.

The top values for teams are:

  • Fellowship
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Compromise

If you wish to apply this methodology in your company, here we offer you 5 tips to implement it asap:

  1. Establish common goals: communicate the company’s mission and be clear about how each member can contribute to it.
  2. Define leadership: having well structured teams doesn’t mean getting rid of hierarchies, as a leader you’d have to set a goal and also motivate all team members to accomplish it.
  3. Decision making as a team: get every team member involved and listen to their opinions. Remember, two brains are better than one.
  4. Effective communication: team members must be able to listen and obtain feedback from each other, and make agreements towards the common goals.
  5. Celebrate the accomplishments: it is necessary to offer team rewards, gather every team member and thank them for their individual work and effort that made possible for the whole team to accomplish the feat.

You’ll see that by implementing these tips, you’ll be able to accomplish your company’s goals faster meanwhile motivating and bettering the talent that walks with you shoulder to shoulder.
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