Things to avoid when managing human resources

Human talent management (HR) departments have mostly had a negative reputation among workers. Surely at some point you have heard the term “inhuman resources” to refer to the department, while you just try to do your job in the best possible way with the resources and parameters that they indicated.

Surely you are wondering: how can we change the perception that employees of the human resources department have?

That is what this post is about, we will give you some tips on practices to avoid to have a more positive receptivity among all members of the company. Remember that happiness and work motivation is essential for workers to be much more productive and efficient:

1.- Avoid lack of recognition: We all need to know that our work is taken into account and that it generates value for the company where we work. For this reason, recognition is very important to motivate and can be achieved with things as simple as a public congratulation, extra vacation days and even a monetary bonus.
2.- Avoid lengthy selection processes: We know that selection processes may vary according to the complexity of the position, however, you have to take into consideration that the most suitable candidate for your company may also be someone else’s and, if you do not take the If you decide to make it part of your team, another company with much more effective processes will do it and you will have to restart the process from scratch, which will make you lose more time and money.
3.- Avoid having a bad workplace: Cleanliness and order are essential to feel comfortable in any place, so they must be taken into account in all areas of the company. In the same way, lighting and temperature tend to go unnoticed, but they generate a great impact when they are good and when they are bad and will end up affecting the work happiness of team members.
4.- Avoid professional stagnation: Human beings always seek to evolve and advance, your workers will surely want to do it within the company, lean on them and verify their skills and competencies before looking for external talent.
5.- Avoid leaving sensitive information within everyone’s reach: In personnel administration departments, a lot of confidential information is managed and therefore we must be careful when printing, scanning and even leaving documents unattended on our desk to prevent it from being leaked or lost. Key cabinets, restricted access to devices, and even using secure email servers will help with our company’s data security.