Time, the most important resource

Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Like a general concept, but, if we transfer to the organizational area, we would conceptualize it as a “resource” due that it is used as an exchange to achieve objectives. for example, a employer hires a worker for his knowledge and time and guarantees him a monetary or in-kind consideration in exchange.

We also know that time is limited, the days and hours of work have a beginning and an end and within them there are projects, objectives and tasks that we must carry out on the dates. That is why managing it efficiently helps us achieve business goals. 

Here are five simple steps to help you improve your company’s time management.

  1. To improve it is necessary to measure. At Trabali, we will help you with time analytics, reports and statistics of hours worked, punctuality, hours of rest, absences, etc. And from there you can make decisions to make your team more efficient.
  2. Prioritize. Make a list of tasks and list them in decreasing order of importance and urgency.
  3. Once the list is made, choose the most complicated ones to make the first hour of the morning, studies affirm that it is the moment of greatest concentration and where we are freshest.
  4. Lean on technology. Use time management tools like Trabali and planning tools like Trello, it will help all your teams to be perfectly communicated.
  5. Avoid spending a lot of time on unproductive activities, like as constantly checking emails, extensive meetings or continually attending the phone or social networks.

Finally, with this system and perseverance, you and your team will perform better and change  from effectiveness to efficiency.