Tips for staying focused on work when you’re overwhelmed

Without a doubt this year 2020 has been more difficult to digest than any of the recent years, between pandemics, wars, economic crises and elections in several countries, it is normal that we can feel overwhelmed. Many employees can be on the verge of feeling “burned out” by so much negative news and information overexposure.

Many have known (or have had) to reinvent themselves to turn around the changes to which they were exposed, while others have been able to continue their lives with a certain degree of normality.

From Trabali we have thought about writing this article, to help you with some tips to stay focused on your work (either at home or at the office) when you feel overwhelmed.

  1. Set limits and focus on yourself

Unless your job is to cover the news, it is not necessary to be connected every 5 minutes refreshing the browser to keep up to date with each event, set a time a day to watch the news but do not get hooked. Instead, focus on your tasks effectively (list, organize and prioritize)

  1. Balance your workload

Some tasks motivate more than others, which is why it can be beneficial to organize your day based on which activities to do when you are most tired and which activities to do when you feel refreshed and motivated.

  1. Find support in your work team

If you feel overwhelmed by the things that are happening around you and the workload you have, it is okay to ask for help, many times saying things out loud makes us rationalize them better and we feel more confident and calm after doing it, That is why you can count on your boss or colleagues to express your concerns and they may also appreciate it

  1. Focus on what you can control

We cannot change everything that surrounds us but we can change how it affects us. It is true that we cannot stop the spread of the pandemic, but we can take all the necessary measures to safeguard our own health. This is what it is about, focusing on the things we can control and thus taking control of our emotions to external stimuli.

From Trabali we support the balance between work and personal life, that is why we are willing to listen to you and help you in the best way, leave us your comments in this post and we will give you our best advice.