Tips to keep you motivated at work

Motivation is an inner state that incites, directs and keeps your behavior inline in order to accomplish your goals.

It is also known as the energy that moves us towards completing tasks, creating habits, trying new things and keeping up the effort around a gratifying or productive action. The lack of such energy will make it much more difficult to accomplish your goals and can even lead to completely giving up on them.

The several factors that make us feel motivated can be classified in two major groups:

  • Inner factors: They stem from our own perception and interests and completely depend on ourselves, of our needs, our self-accomplishment, and are independent from outside validation or reward.
  • External factors: all those stimulus and/or external rewards to tackle tasks and execute actions. Contrary to inner factors, these originate from an outside force that drives us.

Everyday, more and more companies realize that motivation is an important component of workers’ productivity and goals accomplishment, therefore it has a direct impact on enterprises’ economical benefits. Several concepts have been created around this notion: emotional salary, flexible retribution, team bonding activities, remote work (using tools such as Trabali) and others to keep workers’ motivation up.

Ask yourself: what am I doing to motivate me every day?

If you didn’t like your own answer, we leave you some words of advice:

  • Create an action plan: define small tasks needed to accomplish your goal.
  • Don’t stop doing: motivation is not a static thing, there will be awesome days and low-energy days, that’s why commitment and perseverance are key.
  • Take advantage of good days: there’ll be more challenging tasks, make sure you tackle them on high-motivation days.
  • Don’t lose sight of the goal: setbacks are a part of the process and will force you to learn a little bit each day, don’t be too hard on yourself and remember: there’s always tomorrow.
  • Celebrate the small victories: each passing day and every task you accomplish, will take you a little bit closer to your goal, focus on that.

And last: be thankful for the journey!