Vacations coming? Take it easy Trabali got it under control

Summer is coming, the perfect season to sunbathe, enjoy the beach or travel around the world, especially for those who have children and are waiting for the school year to end so they can  enjoy a walk with their parents, painting at home, cooking or doing any other activity together.

For this reason you must be very rigorous and cautious when managing your employees’ vacations, so the departments are not left without workers and still manage to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy their vacations at the time of year they prefer.

The amount of vacations days in Spain is usually established by collective agreements or individual work contracts, however, according to the Workers’ Statute in its article 38, it can’t be less than 30 calendar days, it must be disclosed at least two months before the date of enjoyment and must always be agreed between both sides.

With Trabali you can manage the vacations of all your workers, with their respective chain of approval, you’ll also get notification emails for keeping all the participants up to date about the request. You can also enjoy a global view in a calendar to be able to better coordinate everybody’s vacations.

In just three clicks your workers will be able to make their vacations request and their approvers will be notified immediately via email. You can accept / reject according to the needs of the company and even leave comments to have direct and supported communication through our platform.

Also, you will have statistics and reports regarding all the requests that are generated through Trabali, so you can make better decisions and work to optimize your team’s working time.

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