We have a new documents module!

These past weeks we’ve been working on a new, practical and intuitive feature for our platform and now that it is ready, we want to tell you all about it.

As you may well know, human resources management is deeply tied with files, binders, folders, archives and lots and lots of papers. At Trabali we are green (in our brand and our hearts), and we want to cut and reduce the use of paper as much as possible. With that in mind, we set our goals on having a DOCUMENTS module.

In this section, employees and managers can upload documents related to work: resumes, presentation letters, personal identification files, contracts, payrolls and much more. The supported files are JPG, PNG (and any other images), PDFs, DOCs, MP4, yes, you can even upload short informative videos for a much more direct and fun communication.

What we want with this feature is for both parties (employee / HHRR department) to have a better and more informed communication. Just think about the 2 copies of the payroll  slip per employee that you won’t be printing out anymore, you can just upload his/her payroll slip and the worker can check it out whenever he wants, from any device and with no need to contact any HHRR members… that sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well it’s possible right now.

It would also be great that you could find out that all the sick days, absences and other payroll incidences spotted when looking at our employee Punch-ins Report, are rightfully supported by medical notes and other justifications files uploaded by the employee to its Documents box, without he having to go thru the process of printing out and getting them to you.

In Trabali we create solutions, for you, for your company, your staff department and your employees in general. The tedious tasks will stop being so tedious and you can focus your time in growing and taking care of your business.