¡Welcome to Trabali!

Welcome to Trabali.

In a globalized and highly competitive world, it is very common for us to overlook the time we spend on things, however, its optimization will have a significant impact within your company and personal life. Therefore, from Trabali, we want to help you and help your employes to organize and share time in the best way possible, so that efficiency is our mantra.

Now, we introduce you, Trabali System – Everything has its moment.

What is Trabali?

Trabali is a system that is in charge of registering and analyzing time for human talent. Achieving greater productivity of work teams within organizations.

What can I manage with Trabali?

– Vacation control
– Request for Permits
– Holiday Programming
– Attendance / absence control
– Management of schedules, shifts and overtime
– Synchronization with biometric or other entry control systems