What does a HR professional do?

Most people think the HHRR department only takes care of payroll, after-hours activities and hiring/firing staff. All of those are a big part of our daily activities, but it’s not the whole deal. We actually have sub-systems inside the HHRR world (Chivanato – 1993):

  1. Hiring process: recruiting and selection; aptitude, technical, psychological, and medical tests are all part of the hiring process. This sub-system’s objective is to find the best fitting candidate for the job.
  2. Human resources organization: here we find the organizational planning, ie: descriptions, designs and analysis of job positions, and performance evaluations.
  3. Retention: its objective is to create long-term strategies to keep the talent in the company, focusing on salaries, perks, quality of life on the job – good vibe inside the company, security and hazards prevention, conflicts mitigation) and flexible hours.
  4. Development and training: this sub-system cares about the career plans, courses and training according to each department’s needs. Promotes education and professionalization across the company and improves the organizational culture, internal rules, discipline and values.
  5. Human resources control: this subsystem deals with auditing, measuring, evaluating and correcting – when needed – the performance of the workers in order to achieve the company’s goals.

These subsystems are independent but maintain a close relationship with each other, and every change to one of them will in turn trigger a change to the others. This never ending cycle generates new and improved mechanisms on the whole system.