What happened with the job benefits after the pandemic?

Now more than ever, companies have two main objectives, the first is to overcome the crisis that we are going through in the best possible way and for them a key is to retain their most valuable personnel. The second objective is to shield your employees by rewarding them for their commitment without this entailing a huge expense for the company.

That is why the concept of flexible remuneration has been increasing for a few months, it is an alternative that companies have to retain staff without exceeding spending.

But, what are the benefits most valued by employees?

  • Health insurance

It is a great way to remove a concern from our employees, in addition the company can coordinate the preparation of a collective policy, reducing costs for employees. This can be accomplished without large outlays of money.

  • Dental insurance

As in the previous case, by managing a group policy, the company can help reduce dental insurance costs for its employees. That way being covered is not going to be a toothache for employees

  • Academic training and / or languages

“What happens if we invest in training and our employees leave?”, And the human resources manager responded saying, “what happens if we do not train them and they stay.”

Training is a key factor when investing in employees, companies can also opt for a tax reduction for this concept. It is undoubtedly a situation where all parties win

In the case of languages, companies can invest in this type of training “in house” and making groups, being able to attend several of their employees simultaneously

  • Transport and / or restaurant ticket

Through this type of remuneration, the employee is able to receive a tax reduction which covers a basic need and at the same time saves some money in taxes, in the same way, some companies also offer extra payment on restaurant that are not calculated at the company level as “salary” in such a way that it has a lower fiscal impact for the company.

  • Tools that simplify work

The investment of companies in systems and tools such as Trabali has a double benefit for companies, on the one hand it covers the need to keep time control according to the law, in addition to making modern platforms available that make life easier for their employees.
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