Why do employees leave the company after 5 years?

Statistically today, company employees tend to stay in them for between 4 and 5 years. The labor market changes more quickly and new trends in people’s behavior have been shortening the terms that a person remains in a company.

Surely we have all had a grandfather or a father who spent most of his working life in the same company, however, this situation is less common today. By this we do not mean that our parents or grandparents have not had a satisfactory working life, but rather that the people who make up the bulk of the labor force population have tendencies towards a different behavior.

Against all odds, this behavior is not related to millennials, but has been in the same order for more than 30 years, but what are the main causes?

More access to opportunities

Globalization as well as social networks have made finding job opportunities an enjoyable, simple and powerful task. Today you can get in touch with thousands of recruiters and apply for offers very easily.

Turn to decentralization of work centers

Every day more companies work in a decentralized way and many employees can do home-office using tools such as Trabali, for this reason companies that do not do so are seeing increased staff turnover

No room to grow

After a few years, employees may realize that to jump from one salary ladder to another they have no choice but to change companies to opt for a promotion outside of where they currently work

Enrich the curriculum vitae

In recent years there has been a change in mindset when it comes to interpreting job changes for both recruiters and job seekers. Concepts such as: stability or learning all this in the concept of having one or more jobs in the CV have been evaluated differently

Boredom or search for other experiences

After approximately 3 years, employees may begin to feel that their work is not challenging enough, and without challenges, there is no commitment to tie themselves to, therefore they begin to think that undertaking a new challenge can reactivate their bond with work.