Why is it important to have good communication with your employees?

In order for a company to operate efficiently and successfully, all its values, policies, regulations have to be communicated correctly to all members within the organization, but also these values ​​and policies have to be transmitted outside the organization.

There are mainly 4 types of communication in the company: Internal upwards (from employee to supervisor), Internal downwards (from supervisor to employee), Internal lateral (between employees), External (with the companies that do business)

What are the benefits of having good communication inside and outside the company

  • Coordination with remote employees, either home-office or in different regions or time zones
  • Statistically, the employees who are better informed about the relevant things of the company tend to value more positively and spend more time in it.
  • Share knowledge and good practices
  • Help turn employees into brand ambassadors.
  • Reduce email overload
  • Prevent important information from getting lost between so many messages or emails.

That is why Trabali developed a functionality that allows companies to have an announcement panel where they can communicate important news to their employees, and can also add photos, videos and animated gifs.

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